Tom Wellman is a licensed general contractor who has been in the banking and construction industry for over 40 years.  When Tom worked in the banking field he was involved in financing the construction of new homes, as well as commercial projects.  This work routinely involved construction budget review, site inspection, coordinating draws with contractors and title companies, and supporting clients through the construction process. 

During his years building homes, Tom has been involved in many projects with experience in all facets of the build, including general contracting, budget development and management, sub-contractor supervision, and all of the other tasks that contribute to the successful completion of a house that clients are thrilled to call home. These home projects range in scope from small cottages to more complex custom homes. 

Tom’s insight into the two main components of the building process, finance and construction management, assure that your project is being handled by someone with the skills and background necessary to help you achieve your building dreams.



Our approach

pre-construction planning

We spend the time necessary to fully understand your hopes and dreams. This work forms the foundation of our relationship and ensures a successful collaboration throughout the building process.

highest levels of integrity

Transparency and ethical practices are the cornerstones of our business.  We provide copies of all bills and invoices for your home.  In addition, you’ll receive a Sworn Statement, signed and notarized, showing who is paid with each draw.  These practices set us apart from other home builders and provide you peace of mind throughout your project.

Construction management

Decades of experience and established relationships with industry partners ensure a smooth build.  Our collaboration with clients throughout the construction process allows us to exceed expectations and helps to make this an enjoyable journey for everyone involved.